Esther to  Zechariah

Link between Esther and Zechariah.


3for Mordecai the Jew was 2nd to King Ahasuerus and became the chief over the Jews and he sought the good of his people and spoke on behalf of all his seed. (Esther 10:3 BRB)
4Do not be like your fathers to whom the former prophets preached saying, Thus says the Master FE of hosts , Turn now from your evil ways and from your evil works, but they did not listen nor give ear to me, says the Master. Zechariah 1:4 (Zechariah 1:4 BRB)


10The letters were written in the name of King Ahasuerus and sealed with the ring of the king and they were sent by runners and by riders of horses and by camels. (Esther 8:10 BRB)
8I saw by night and a man was riding on a red horse and he stood among the trees which give shade. Behind him were red and speckled and white horses. (Zechariah 1:8 BRB)