2024 Update - Online Again

This website is back online after being turned off 8 years or so. Other than giving it new duds it is unchanged.

Many important lessons learned during the season this was being worked on inform current work in other places. So, despite being unfinished and a little peculiar, here it is.

The Bible Book Order website lives!

If you encounter bugs or have questions you can get ahold of me via the contact page.

Ryan Eaton - April 2024


The Bible has a high-level design, it's book order. A number of systems in the Bible use the book order.

  • Isaiah  (69 articles, 17,043 words)

    Isaiah commentates on stories in each book of the Bible.

  • Isaiah
  • Chain
  • Sentences
  • Numbers
  • Book Chain  (68 articles, 17,288 words)

    Books connect sequentially, allowing the Bible to read smoothly.

  • Title Sentences  (3 articles, 2,733 words)

    The names of the books, when translated, summarize the Bible.

  • Book Numbers  (98 articles, 28,909 words)

    Numbers in scripture passages sum to books with related passages.