Introduction to Title Sentences

Discovery story.


We had finished working out the order of the books. A few weeks later we were visiting friends at our monthly fellowship. They had apparently been looking at how genealogies in scripture often form sentences when the names in the genealogy are translated. Though I already knew this, several friends came up to me and privately explained how this works. After the 3rd time I decided something was up, and that I needed to apply the same strategy on the names of the Bible's books.

Stated simply, Would the Bible book names, in this new order, form meaningful sentences?

The answer is a resounding YES. The names of the books do form meaningful sentences.


  • 12 sentences are formed from the 66 book names, 1 per tribe/patriarch/apostle.
  • Each sentence is coherent, all of the book names are used without extraneous words.
  • Each sentence contains at least one reference to the divine name.
  • Each sentence captures ideas covered in depth within the Bible.

The following page displays the Title Sentences and provides their Derivation.