6 reports.

  • Jesus Begins

    The "first book written about Jesus" passage, at the beginning of Acts, includes a number pointing at John, the first gospel. (693 words)

  • Coming in the Clouds

    The disciples watched Jesus leave the planet shrouded in a cloud. A couple angels appeared to them and said Jesus would return in the same manor he left. The number in the passage points to the definitive story in the Bible for Jesus' return. (527 words)

  • Pentecost

    The outpouring of the holy spirit on the day of Pentecost is the archetype for similar events later in Acts. It also kicks off the rest of the Acts narrative generally. So it's little surprise that the numbers in the story point at the book of Acts. (379 words)

  • Lame Man Healed

    Peter and John heal a man lame in his feet in the name of Jesus. The math points at Mephibosheth. (211 words)

  • Preaching Resurrection

    After healing the lame man Peter spoke about the resurrection of Jesus to a crowd of about 5000. The number points at Paul's single longest exposition of the subject. (131 words)

  • Shipwreck

    Paul's shipwreck in the Mediterranean points numerically at Jonah's storm at sea. (190 words)