Father's House

When Jesus was age 12 he stayed behind in Jerusalem while his family traveled home thinking Jesus was in their company. When they finally found him he was sitting in the temple and referred to it as his father's house. The numbers points at another who was found in the house.

Luke 2:40-52

40The boy grew and became strong in spirit and filled with wisdom FA and the grace of god was on him. 41His people went every year to Jerusalem at the feast of the passover. 42When he was 12 years old they went up to the feast as they were accustomed. 43When the feast days were over they returned. The boy Joshua remained in Jerusalem and Joseph and his mother did not know it. 44They thought that he was with the children of their party. When they had come a journey of 1 day they sought for him among their own people and those who knew them. 45They could not find him and they returned again to Jerusalem looking for him. Luke 2:40-4546After 3 days they found him in the temple while he was sitting in the middle of the teachers. He was listening to them and asking them questions. 47All those who heard him were amazed at his wisdom and his answers. 48When they saw him they were astonished and his mother said to him, My son, why have you done this to us? Your father and I have been looking for you with great anxiety. Luke 2:46-48FA 49He said to them, Why were you looking for me? Did you not know that I would be in the house of my father? Luke 2:4950They could not understand the words which he said to them. Luke 2:5051He went down with them and came to Nazareth and was subject to them. His mother preserved all these words in her heart. 52Joshua grew in stature and in wisdom and in grace with FA god and the children of men. Luke 2:51-52 (Luke 2:40-52 BRB)


12+1+3 = 16 = Ezra


The book of Ezra matches this story in Luke as a whole in the sense that the book is about traveling to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and reboot the temple service. However, the main character is probably the man Ezra, matching Jesus in the Luke story. It's clear from the way Ezra is introduced that he must have known the law fairly well, so like Jesus, he was probably able to hold his own with others, perhaps older, at the temple.

1After all these words, in the reign of Arthasastha king of Persia, Ezra L Acts 5:1 FE son of Seraiah son of Azariah son of Hilkiah 2son of Shallum son of Zadok son of Ahitub 3son of Amariah son of Azariah son of Meraioth 4son of Zerahiah son of Uzzi son of Bukki 5son of Abishua son of Phinehas son of Eleazar son of Aaron the priest came. 6Ezra was the head who went up from Babel. He was a scribe learned in the law of Moses FE which the Master god of Israel had given. The king granted him all his request that he might walk as he pleased according to the law of the Master. A Revelation 18:23 FE 7There went up some of the children of Israel and of the priests and the Levites, the ministers and the porters and the Nethanites, and of those who had formerly gone up to Jerusalem, in the 7th year of Arthasastha the king. Ezra 7:1-78They came to Jerusalem in the 5th month, which was in the 7th year of the king. 9For on the 1st month they began to go up from Babel and on the 1st day of the 5th month they came to Jerusalem according to the hand of god which had been good to them. 10For Ezra had set his heart to seek the law of the Master and to do it and to teach in Israel the law and judgments. E 2 Chronicles 17:9 Ezra 7:8-1011This is a copy of the letter which King Arthasastha gave to Ezra the priest the learned scribe of the words and the commandments of the Master and of his laws to all Israel: Ezra 7:1112Arthasastha, king of kings, to Ezra the priest and scribe learned in the law of the god of the skies, peace. Ezra 7:1213I have issued a command and made a law that anyone of the people of Israel and of the priests and Levites in my realm who wishes to go up to Jerusalem with you may go. 14Forasmuch I have issued a command and made a law and sent some of my friends to inquire concerning the welfare of Judah and Jerusalem and also to inquire concerning the law of your god which is in your hand 15and to carry the silver and gold of the king which I have freely offered for the house of the Master which is the tent in Jerusalem. 16All the silver and gold that will be found in all the province of Babel will go with you and the priests and the Levites and all who wish to go with you may go to the house of god which is in Jerusalem, 17that you may buy wisely with this silver bulls and rams and lambs with their meal offerings and their drink offerings and offer them on the altar of your god which is in Jerusalem. Ezra 7:13-1718Whatever will seem good to you and to your brothers to do with the rest of this silver, do according to the will of your god. 19The vessels that are given you for the service of the house of your god you will also deliver before the god who is in Jerusalem. 20The rest of the vessels which you may need for the service of the house of your god you will take and give out of the king's treasure house. Ezra 7:18-2021I, Arthasastha the king, make a decree to all treasurers who are beyond the river that whatever Ezra the priest the scribe learned in the law of the god of the skies will require of you, you will do it speedily, 22up to 100 talents of silver 100 measures of wheat 100 baths of wine 100 baths of oil and salt without proscribed limit. 23Everything which is in the decree will be given and you will give it according to the law of the god of the skies. Let it be taken and done that there may not be wrath against the realm of the king and his sons. 24We also inform you that touching any of the priests and Levites, singers, and the workers of the house of god, it is unlawful for you to interfere with them. Ezra 7:21-2425You Ezra, according to your wisdom which your god has given you, appoint magistrates and judges who may judge all the people that are beyond the river, all such as know the law of your god. He who does not know it you will teach. E Deuteronomy 16:18 26Whoever will not do the law of your god and the law of the king let judgment be executed speedily on him whether it be to death or to banishment or to confiscation of goods or to imprisonment. Ezra 7:25-26FE 27Blessed are you the Master god of our fathers for you have put this thing in the king's heart to beautify the house of the Master which is in Jerusalem, 28and have extended mercy to me before the king and before the king's mighty princes. I was strengthened as the hand of the Master my god was on me, and I chose out of Israel leading men to go up with me. Ezra 7:27-28 (Ezra 7 BRB)

What's curious is the idea that Ezra might have actually been quite young. Jesus was only 12 when he was found in the temple. How old was Ezra?