1 Timothy

4 reports.

  • Kings

    Paul tells Timothy to pray for kings in order that he may lead a quite and peaceable life and men may return to the truth. The example pointed at by the numbers is that of Israel crying to Yahvah about pharaoh and the way they were delivered in answer to their prayers. (408 words)

  • Elders and Deacons

    Elders and Deacons are like Aaron and his sons. The numbers explain. (409 words)

  • Widows

    Paul tells Timothy how to select a widow worthy of support. The numbers point at a couple widows, one worthy, one not. (526 words)

  • Rebuking Elders

    Paul gives Timothy the skinny on elders, quoting from Deuteronomy and providing numbers that point at Deuteronomy while saying only rebuke an elder if there are two or more witnesses. (256 words)