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  • Jacob's 70

    When Jacob went down to Egypt he was 70 in number. How many were part of Israel when they came out of Egypt? The 70th book, Numbers, tells us. (281 words)

  • Moses' 3 Months

    The 3 months Moses spent hidden at home, points to the book of Leviticus. Moses is from the tribe of Levi, but more importantly, the story in Exodus forms a parable for how the levitical system functions. (460 words)

  • Egyptians and Hebrews

    When Moses was grown he killed an Egyptian who was beating an Hebrew and buried him in the sand. The next day Moses intervened between two Hebrews who were quarreling. The numbers point to another pair of quarreling Hebrews and an Egyptian who was also buried in the sand. (944 words)