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  • Father's House

    When Jesus was age 12 he stayed behind in Jerusalem while his family traveled home thinking Jesus was in their company. When they finally found him he was sitting in the temple and referred to it as his father's house. The numbers points at another who was found in the house. (265 words)

  • Jesus' Genealogy

    Of the many names given in Jesus' genealogy through his father, the math highlights a few special ones. (196 words)

  • Nazareth Synagogue

    A prophet is without honor in his hometown, just as Elijah and Elisha learned in the books of First and Second Kings. (209 words)

  • Blood of Abel

    Jesus spoke about the prophets that were slain from Abel to Zechariah. The math points at Abel. (156 words)

  • The Wise Steward

    The math in this familiar story turns the traditional understanding on it's head and explains why Jesus would regard the steward's practices as model behavior. (585 words)

  • Man From the Dead

    Jesus tells a story about a rich man who wants a dead man to rise to life and warn his brothers about what awaits them if they do not change. Who might the dead man be in the story? The math tells. (340 words)