Jesus' Genealogy

Of the many names given in Jesus' genealogy through his father, the math highlights a few special ones.

Luke 3:21-38

21It came to pass when all the people were baptized Joshua was also baptized and when he prayed the skies were opened. 22The spirit of the holy came down on him like a dove M Genesis 8:8 and there was a voice from the skies M Genesis 22:15 saying, You are my beloved son, with you I am pleased. P 2 Peter 1:17 Luke 3:21-2223Joshua was a son of about 30 years FA and was considered the son of Joseph Luke 3:23ason of Heli Luke 3:23b24son of Matthat Luke 3:24ason of Levi Luke 3:24bson of Melki Luke 3:24cson of Jannai Luke 3:24dson of Joseph Luke 3:24e25son of Mattathias Luke 3:25ason of Amos Luke 3:25bson of Nahum Luke 3:25cson of Esli Luke 3:25dson of Naggai Luke 3:25e26son of Maath Luke 3:26ason of Mattathias Luke 3:26bson of Semein Luke 3:26cson of Joseph Luke 3:26dson of Joda Luke 3:26e27son of Joanan Luke 3:27ason of Rhesa Luke 3:27bson of Zerubbabel Luke 3:27cson of Shealtiel Luke 3:27dson of Neri Luke 3:27e28son of Melki Luke 3:28ason of Addi Luke 3:28bson of Cosam Luke 3:28cson of Elmadam Luke 3:28dson of Er Luke 3:28e29son of Joshua Luke 3:29ason of Eliezer Luke 3:29bson of Jorim Luke 3:29cson of Matthat Luke 3:29dson of Levi Luke 3:29e30son of Simeon Luke 3:30ason of Judah Luke 3:30bson of Joseph Luke 3:30cson of Jonam Luke 3:30dson of Eliakim Luke 3:30e31son of Melea Luke 3:31ason of Menna Luke 3:31bson of Mattatha Luke 3:31cson of Nathan Luke 3:31dson of David H Acts 13:23 Luke 3:31e32son of Jesse Luke 3:32ason of Obed Luke 3:32bson of Boaz Luke 3:32cson of Salmon Luke 3:32dson of Nahshon Luke 3:32e33son of Amminadab Luke 3:33ason of Ram Luke 3:33bson of Hezron Luke 3:33cson of Perez Luke 3:33dson of Judah Luke 3:33e34son of Jacob Luke 3:34ason of Isaac Luke 3:34bson of Abraham Luke 3:34cson of Terah Luke 3:34dson of Nahor Luke 3:34e35son of Serug Luke 3:35ason of Reu Luke 3:35bson of Peleg Luke 3:35cson of Eber Luke 3:35dson of Shelah Luke 3:35e36son of Canaan Luke 3:36ason of Arphaxad Luke 3:36bson of Shem Luke 3:36cson of Noah Luke 3:36dson of Lamech Luke 3:36e37son of Methuselah Luke 3:37ason of Enoch Luke 3:37bson of Jared Luke 3:37cson of Mahalalel Luke 3:37dson of Kenan Luke 3:37e38son of Enosh Luke 3:38ason of Seth Luke 3:38bson of Adam who was from god. Luke 3:38c (Luke 3:21-38 BRB)


30 = Ruth


The story of Ruth may hold many clues for understanding Jesus and even his father Joseph's genealogy, but the obvious connection between the book of Ruth and this genealogy is the genealogy itself at the end of Ruth.

13Boaz took Ruth and she became his wife, and when he went into her the Master gave her conception and she bore a son. 14The women said to Naomi, Blessed be the Master who has not left you this day without a kinsman that his name may be famous in Israel. 15He will be to you a comforter of your soul and a nourisher to your city, for your daughter-in-law who loves you and is better to you than 7 sons has borne him. Ruth 4:13-1516Naomi took the child and laid him in her embrace and became nurse to him. 17The women who were her neighbors said, A son has been born to Naomi, and they called his name Obed; he is the father of Jesse, the father of David. Ruth 4:16-17 (Ruth 4:13-17 BRB)

This short genealogy is only a few names and focuses on a subset of the longer genealogy in Luke. In essence the math in Luke points at Ruth in order to highlight the names, Boaz, Obed, Jesse and David.