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  • Herod Kills Boys

    In an attempt to knock off Jesus, Herod killed all the boys in the town of Bethlehem who were 2 years and younger. The age of the boys points to the book of Exodus where another king is found killing all the male Hebrew babies. (457 words)

  • Apostles Sent

    Jesus called 12 apostles and sent them out to preach and heal and deliver. In a sense it's a rehearsal for the Great Commission given at the end of Matthew. That might explain why the numbers point at the book of Matthew. (275 words)

  • Transfiguration

    Remember the time Jesus took Peter, Jacob and John to the top of a mountain and his clothes turned white and Moses and Elijah appeared with him and a voice spoke from the cloud? The count from that story points to the book of Ezekiel where a similarly strange encounter occurred. (669 words)

  • Parable of the Workers

    The parable of the workers, a parable about working in Jesus' mission field, points at the book of Matthew itself. (202 words)