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  • Wedding at Cana

    Jesus turns water into wine at the wedding in Cana. He says this is not his wedding, which means it is related to his wedding. The numbers point to another prominent wedding story in the Bible. (351 words)

  • 3 Day Temple

    Jesus says he can raise a destroyed temple in 3 days. The Jews balk at the idea, but the math points to something different than the physical temple the Jews were focused on. (417 words)

  • Samaritan Woman

    Jesus met a woman at a well in Samaria and explained worship is not a matter of being in Jerusalem or Samaria, but spirit and truth. The numbers point at the book explaining Samaritans and demonstrating why Jesus would say the ancient capitals don't matter any longer for worship. (477 words)

  • Philip's 5000

    Jesus asked Philip if he had any ideas how to feed the crowd that was coming their way, a crowd that turned out to be 5000 men (probably not counting women or children that may have been present). The answer, of course, was to multiply the bread, an answer that worked in Elisha's day as well, albeit on a smaller scale. (232 words)

  • Father Abraham

    Jesus and the Jews discuss their origins. The Jews argue they are sons of Abraham, but Jesus asks why they do not behave like Abraham if they are his descendants. The math points to a similar case made by Paul in the book of Galatians. (251 words)

  • Lazarus Raised

    The math given in the story of Jesus raising Lazarus to life is profound because it points at itself. What's behind this self-reference? (490 words)

  • Crown of Thorns

    A crown of thorns was pressed on Jesus' head, a purple robe placed on his back, and he was mocked as the King of the Jews. Ironically, the math points to the promise of a perpetual kingship, a promise of which Jesus is the heir and fulfillment. (259 words)

  • The Robe

    The soldiers who crucified Jesus divided his clothes between the four of them and cast lots to see who would get his robe. The story maps the arrangement of the Israelite camp in the wilderness. (301 words)