Philip's 5000

Jesus asked Philip if he had any ideas how to feed the crowd that was coming their way, a crowd that turned out to be 5000 men (probably not counting women or children that may have been present). The answer, of course, was to multiply the bread, an answer that worked in Elisha's day as well, albeit on a smaller scale.

John 6:1-14

1After these things Joshua went to the other side of the sea of Galilee of Tiberias. 2Many crowds followed him because they saw the signs which he performed on sick people. John 6:1-23Joshua went up to a mountain and sat there with his disciples. FA 4The feast of the passover of the Jews was near. 5Joshua lifted up his eyes and saw many crowds coming to him and said to Philip, Where can we buy bread that all these may eat? John 6:3-56He said this merely to test him for he knew what he would do. John 6:67Philip said to him, 200 denarii worth of bread would not be sufficient for them, even if each 1 should take a little 1. John 6:781 of his disciples FA , Andrew the brother of Simeon Peter, said to him, 9There is 1 boy here who has with him 5 barley loaves and 2 fish, but what are these for all of them? John 6:8-910Joshua said to them, Make all the men sit down. John 6:10There were great quantities of grass in that place and the men sat down, 5,000 in number. 11Joshua took the bread and blessed it and divided it to those who were sitting down, likewise the fish, as much as they wanted. John 6:10-1112When they were filled he said to his disciples, Gather up the broken pieces which are left over so that nothing is lost. John 6:1213They gathered them up and filled 12 baskets with broken pieces which were left over by those who ate from 5 barley loaves. M 2 Kings 4:44 John 6:1314The men who saw the sign which Joshua performed said, Truly this is the prophet who is to come into the world. P Deuteronomy 18:18-19 John 6:14 (John 6:1-14 BRB)


200+1+5+2+5000+12+5 = 5225 = Second Kings

Second Kings

Here's Elisha's version of the same thing.

42A man came from Lord Shalishah and brought the prophet of god bread of the firstfruits, 20 of bread of barley and new wheat rubbed from the ears in a cloth. He said, Give them to the people that they may eat. 2 Kings 4:4243His servant said, What? Should I set this before 100 men? 2 Kings 4:43Elisha said to him again, Give them to the people that they may eat, for the Master says, They will eat and will leave some. 44He set it before them and they ate and left some according to the word of the Master. M Matthew 14:20 M Matthew 15:37 M Mark 6:42-43 M Mark 8:8 M Luke 9:17 M John 6:13 2 Kings 4:43-44 (2 Kings 4:42-44 BRB)

The multiplication of bread to feed everyone present is a miracle performed several times by Jesus in the gospels and once by Elisha. There are other multiplication stories, like the widow's oil not running out, but only this story in Second Kings matches the multiplying of bread by Jesus so closely.