Isaiah commentates on stories in each book of the Bible.

  • Introduction to Isaiah

    Learning how Isaiah encodes the book order has been a journey of discovery. At the beginning the subject of book order was not even in mind. The thought was simply that Isaiah's chapters might relate to the books of the Bible. On a second look it was clear that Isaiah patterns the books, but in a new order. (3,453 words)

  • Isaiah Genesis

    Isaiah chapter 1 covers the Adam and Eve, Fall, Cain's Offering, Killing Abel, and Cain's City stories in the book of Genesis. (352 words)

  • Isaiah Exodus

    Isaiah chapter 2 covers the Mountain, Law, House, Golden Calf, and Cleft of the Rock stories in the book of Exodus. (352 words)

  • Isaiah Leviticus

    Isaiah 3:1-11 covers the Ordination of the Priests, Firing of Nadab and Abihu, and Priest's Share stories in the book of Leviticus. (293 words)

  • Isaiah Numbers

    Isaiah 3:12-4:6 covers the Spies Give an Evil Report, 40 Year Sentence, and Fruit of the Land stories in the book of Numbers. (263 words)

  • Isaiah Deuteronomy

    Isaiah chapter 5 covers Moses' Song in the book of Deuteronomy. (138 words)

  • Isaiah Joshua

    Isaiah chapter 6 covers the Joshua Encountering Jesus, Jericho Falling, Rahab Redeemed, and Achan's Sin stories in the book of Joshua. (446 words)

  • Isaiah Judges

    Isaiah chapter 7 covers the Samson's Birth, Samson's Diet, Samson's Honey, Samson's Haircut, Micah's Silver, and Armed Danites stories in the book of Judges. (323 words)

  • Isaiah 1 Samuel

    Isaiah chapter 8 covers the Hannah's Conception, Ark in Philistia, and Israel Asks for a King stories in the book of 1 Samuel. (880 words)

  • Isaiah 2 Samuel

    Isaiah 9:1-7 covers the Hiram Builds David a House, David Has More Kids, The Philistines Defeated, Michal's Barrenness, and The Davidic Covenant stories in the book of 2 Samuel. (331 words)

  • Isaiah 1 Kings

    Isaiah 9:8-10:4 covers the Building Solomon's Temple, Split Kingdom, and Jeroboam's Change of Law stories in the book of 1 Kings. (288 words)

  • Isaiah 2 Kings

    Isaiah 10:5-34 covers the Assyrian Captivity, and Deliverance of Jerusalem stories in the book of 2 Kings. (384 words)

  • Isaiah Ezekiel

    Isaiah chapters 11 and 12 and the book of Ezekiel. (127 words)

  • Isaiah Isaiah

    Isaiah 13:1-14:27 covers Isaiah's Vision in his own book of Isaiah. (196 words)

  • Isaiah Jeremiah

    Isaiah chapter 14 covers the Call of Jeremiah story in the book of Jeremiah. (184 words)

  • Isaiah Lamentations

    Isaiah chapter 15 and the book of Lamentations. (98 words)

  • Isaiah Ezra

    Isaiah chapter 16 and the book of Ezra. (122 words)

  • Isaiah Nehemiah

    Isaiah 17:1-11 and the book of Nehemiah. (474 words)

  • Isaiah Esther

    Isaiah 17:12-18:7 and the book of Esther. (354 words)

  • Isaiah Zechariah

    Isaiah chapter 19 and the book of Zechariah. (229 words)

  • Isaiah Micah

    Isaiah chapter 20 covers the Going Naked and Barefoot passage in the book of Micah. (139 words)

  • Isaiah Jonah

    Isaiah 21:1-10 and the book of Jonah. (102 words)

  • Isaiah Amos

    Isaiah 21:11-22:25 and the book of Amos. (104 words)

  • Isaiah Hosea

    Isaiah chapter 23 and the book of Hosea. (106 words)

  • Isaiah Zephaniah

    Isaiah chapter 24 and the book of Zephaniah. (93 words)

  • Isaiah Haggai

    Isaiah chapter 25 and the book of Haggai. (91 words)

  • Isaiah Psalms

    Isaiah chapter 26 and the book of Psalms. (94 words)

  • Isaiah Job

    Isaiah chapter 27 and the book of Job. (99 words)

  • Isaiah Ecclesiastes

    Isaiah chapter 28 and the book of Ecclesiastes. (95 words)

  • Isaiah Proverbs

    Isaiah chapter 29 and the book of Proverbs. (94 words)

  • Isaiah Ruth

    Isaiah chapter 30 and the book of Ruth. (94 words)

  • Isaiah Song of Songs

    Isaiah chapter 31 and the Song of Songs. (104 words)

  • Isaiah Joel

    Isaiah chapter 32 and the book of Joel. (93 words)

  • Isaiah Obadiah

    Isaiah chapter 33 and the book of Obadiah. (96 words)

  • Isaiah Malachi

    Isaiah chapter 34 and the book of Malachi. (93 words)

  • Isaiah Nahum

    Isaiah chapter 35 and the book of Nahum. (101 words)

  • Isaiah Habakkuk

    Isaiah chapter 36 and the book of Habakkuk. (113 words)

  • Isaiah 1 Chronicles

    Isaiah chapter 37 and the book of 1 Chronicles. (119 words)

  • Isaiah 2 Chronicles

    Isaiah chapter 38 and the book of 2 Chronicles. (107 words)

  • Isaiah Daniel

    Isaiah chapter 39 covers the Daniel Carried to Babylon story in the book of Daniel. (201 words)

  • Isaiah John

    Isaiah chapter 40 covers the Messengers from Jerusalem, Prepare the Way, Jesus' Baptism, The Dove, Jesus Calling Disciples, and Nathanael Under the Fig Tree stories in the Gospel of John. (407 words)

  • Isaiah Matthew

    Isaiah 41:1-42:9 and the Gospel of Matthew. (338 words)

  • Isaiah Mark

    Isaiah 42:10-25 and the Gospel of Mark. (164 words)

  • Isaiah Luke

    Isaiah chapter 43 and the Gospel of Luke. (262 words)

  • Isaiah Acts

    Isaiah 44:1-22 and the book of Acts. (158 words)

  • Isaiah Philippians

    Isaiah 44:23-45:25 and the epistle of Philippians. (99 words)

  • Isaiah 1 Thessalonians

    Isaiah chapter 46 and the epistle of 1 Thessalonians. (102 words)

  • Isaiah 2 Thessalonians

    Isaiah chapter 47 and the epistle of 2 Thessalonians. (110 words)

  • Isaiah 2 John

    Isaiah chapter 48 and the epistle of 2 John. (106 words)

  • Isaiah 2 Timothy

    Isaiah chapter 49 and the epistle of 2 Timothy. (99 words)

  • Isaiah 1 Corinthians

    Isaiah chapter 50 and the epistle of 1 Corinthians. (98 words)

  • Isaiah Galatians

    Isaiah 51:1-8 and the epistle of Galatians. (146 words)

  • Isaiah Ephesians

    Isaiah 51:9-52:6 and the epistle of Ephesians. (423 words)

  • Isaiah Romans

    Isaiah 52:7-53:12 and the epistle of Romans. (161 words)

  • Isaiah Hebrews

    Isaiah chapter 54 and the epistle of Hebrews. (159 words)

  • Isaiah Jacob

    Isaiah chapter 55 and the epistle of Jacob. (170 words)

  • Isaiah 1 Timothy

    Isaiah 56:1-8 and the epistle of 1 Timothy. (115 words)

  • Isaiah Jude

    Isaiah 56:9-12 covers the Cain-Balaam-Korah passage in the epistle of Jude. (187 words)

  • Isaiah 2 Corinthians

    Isaiah chapter 57 and the epistle of 2 Corinthians. (94 words)

  • Isaiah Philemon

    Isaiah chapter 58 covers the Exhortation to Receive Onesimus passage in the epistle to Philemon. (236 words)

  • Isaiah Colossians

    Isaiah chapter 59 and the epistle of Colossians. (93 words)

  • Isaiah 1 John

    Isaiah chapter 60 and the epistle of 1 John. (92 words)

  • Isaiah 1 Peter

    Isaiah chapter 61 covers the Living Stone passage in the epistle of 1 Peter. (179 words)

  • Isaiah 2 Peter

    Isaiah chapter 62 covers the Prophetic Lamp, and Return of Jesus passages in the epistle of 2 Peter. (175 words)

  • Isaiah Titus

    Isaiah 64:4-12 covers the Paul's Preaching, and Appointment of Elders passages in the epistle of Titus. (189 words)

  • Isaiah 3 John

    Isaiah chapter 65:1-16 covers the Gaius Receiving the Brothers passage in the epistle of 3 John. (258 words)

  • Isaiah Revelation

    Isaiah 65:17-66:24 covers the New Jerusalem vision in the book of Revelation. (400 words)

  • Topical Thread

    The stories Isaiah covers in each book form a topical thread. (506 words)